Be Yourself: Musical Connections in Washington, DC

Backstage at George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium, 8-year-old pianist Oscar Paz-Suaznabar has his head bent over a cell phone, launching angry birds at stubborn pigs, and From the Top alum Clifton Williams reaches over to show him a trick. Clifton has recently graduated college and moved to Los Angeles to build a career composing and playing piano, but this weekend he has become a superstar to young Oscar, who watched intently each time Clifton took his seat behind the piano. Around the corner in the dressing rooms, you can hear soft giggles as 15-year-old Kiarra Saito-Beckman and 17-year-old Taiga Ultan, who only met a few short days ago, recount their performances on the stage. Over the stage monitor beats the super cool rhythm of Christopher O’Riley’s break piece, a version of Aphex Twin’s produk 29 [101], which is being performed by Christopher, joined by alum Marcelina Suchocka and her all-girl percussion ensemble “Excelsis.” These From the Top musicians have had an amazing week in Washington, DC, filled with musician-to-musician interactions that are the start of new friendships.

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The recording of From the Top with Host Christopher O’Riley, presented by Washington Performing Arts, was the final event in a week-long residency in Washington, DC, sponsored by The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. The recording lauded the 15-year anniversary of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and celebrated our ten-year partnership – which has resulted in over $2 million in scholarships for amazing young musicians with financial need. All of the performers on this show received From the Top’s Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award, a scholarship to be used on instruments, lessons, travel, or other essentials needed to further their musical education.

The whole experience began at a middle school half an hour away from George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium on Tuesday, October 21. There, the performers met face-to-face for the first time in the auditorium at River Bend Middle School in Loudon County, Virginia. They gathered around From the Top’s education program staff to see videos of how some of From the Top’s alumni are taking their music beyond the concert hall. Inspired, they got down to business, planning and rehearsing an assembly that they would present to the seventh and eighth grade students the next morning. They practiced what they thought they might say to the young audience before turning to the school’s teachers for advice, who smiled and told them “Be yourself.” As they made their way back to Washington, DC, the performers were ready.

FromtheTopDC 76The next morning, the fresh-faced bunch performed their assembly to thunderous applause. The performers made their way into the audience to greet their new fans. High fives were given generously and grins adorned each performer’s face. As the last audience member made their way out the door, the young musicians peeled off into a row of classrooms where eighth grade music students would visit for mini-master classes with From the Top’s mini-masters.

FromtheTopDC 17In the band room, Marcelina selected kids to play the marimba, shakers, and wood blocks, while she laid down a groove on the congas. Next door, Clifton gave the kids a lesson in networking usually reserved for young professionals, “Be kind, be assertive, and be yourself” he told them. Kiarra used Bach to demonstrate how classical music employs repetition, as popular music does. And finally, Taiga and Oscar encouraged students to explore how the experience of listening to classical music changed when they were lying down, or facing the wall, or doing anything but sitting quietly in a normal concert hall.

This day of outreach was a huge learning opportunity for our performers. Asked to speak for a group of donors later on in the week, Kiarra told us that she wouldn’t have known how to tell her story prior to the education experience with From the Top.

But that was only the beginning. They still had to record an episode of the most popular weekly one-hour classical music program on public radio. Now that they had planned and presented such an involved program for such a discerning audience – middle-schoolers! – this team of performers had experience and confidence that would support them in their From the Top radio recording.

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You can hear their show the week of November 17, by listening on your local station, downloading the podcast, or streaming the show at

2010 MSL Recipients Launch New Organization!

This guest post is from Brian Kaufman and Michael Reichman, co-recipients of From the Top’s 2010 Margaret Stewart Lindsay Arts Leadership Award, as they get ready to launch their new organization: 

So it’s been a while since our last update as Margaret Stewart Lindsay Arts Leadership Award recipients. We received original the grant for Musical Diplomacy, a community-focused project that addressed social issues through music. Now we’re excited to be LAUNCHING our NEW ORGANIZATION, The Sounding Board (TSB) on September 24 at 8PM @ Yes Oui Si.

At TSB we create live music productions that address social issues. Our events combine world-class performers with top-tier nightlife entertainment producers, invigorate timeless classical pieces with some of the hippest new music around, intertwine commentary from celebrities with noted public figures, and feature dynamic scripts from some of Boston’s most promising writers. TSB wants to create not just an entertaining evening of music, but make it relevant to the world around us—illuminating current events and cultivating dialogue on social issues.

In order to do that, we’ve sought out other artists that feel the same way. Daniel Bernard Roumain (aka DBR), who conducted his Symphony for the Dance Floor at our last Musical Diplomacy event, has joined The Sounding Board as our Executive Producer. We’re ecstatic to have him on board! Additionally, we recruited an incredible creative team who have helped us in shaping our vision, image, values and programs – read more about them HERE.

We are ecstatic to be launching our organization in just a few short days, with an extremely talented line-up of artists: TSB Executive Producer and performer Emmy-nominated composer and violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain, singer-songwriter Mia Friedman, award-winning jazz singer Aubrey Johnson, rock-pianist and songwriter Andrew Horowitz from the band Tally Hall, and Harvard Lampoon writer Ben Smith (who is helping us develop the comedic aspects of the program).

For those of you in Boston that may be interested in attending the show, we’d love to have you there! You have to be 18 or older to get in, but can check out pictures and videos on our Facebook page after the show. Tickets are available at this link.

We couldn’t have done any of this without the support of many great people and organizations – especially From the Top. We want to encourage all of you: if you have an idea, a dream, or a vision, with enough hard work, patience and determination you can make it happen.

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